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When it comes to quality, we have it nailed. These are the products and programs we recommend because we use them. We have spent years identifying those that have the purest ingredients and the most effective outcomes.

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Wellness Program

Energy 4 Life Program

Discover our Energy4Life wellness program and learn how to charge your body’s battery and how to use your energy more efficiently.

This program is a fast-paced, mind-expanding journey that challenges conventional views on how the body works and lays out a new paradigm. It is based on leading advancements in health and wellness information and years of scientifically-backed research and clinical trials. Taking a holistic approach, it encompasses the body, mind, environment, and social conditions. It includes bioenergetic scans and infoceuticals to dramatically improve your energy and transform your health.

Energy4Life and bioenergetics
Highest grade

Magnesium Life

The Magnesium Life range of products is 100% pure premium grade, and the oil is concentrated. They are formulated with the highest grade of magnesium found on the planet today, known as Zechstein Magnesium. This magnesium has been protected at 1600-2000 meters deep in the interior of the earth for over 250 million years and is free of contaminants and solvents found in our oceans today.

Many brands on the market today are inferior in quality because they do not source pure magnesium and they dilute magnesium oil with water.

Magnesium oil, bath flakes and creams can be collected from our clinic or posted out to you.

Magnesium Life Oil and Flakes
Pure and Potent

Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are equal. Young Living is the leader of the Essential Oils movement. They are committed to providing pure and potent products that are infused with life-changing benefits. They do not add synthetics, contaminants, cheap fillers, or use unethical production practices that result in inferior oils.

  • 200+ Essential oils singles and blends
  • 600+ Household, personal care & nutritional oil-infused products

Buy a starter kit today, and get wholesale prices for life!

Young Living Essential Oils
Superior Bicarbonate

Safe Soda

Safe Soda is the highest grade of medical/pharmaceutical sodium bicarbonate available. It is produced from nature and has been sourced for its purity, quality and strength. Superior Soda is high in pH and high in alkalinity and may help to neutralise acid.

Most people are not aware of the inherent differences between different sodium bicarbonates. They are not all the same, and when looking at things like manufacturing process, strength, density, crystal structure, hardness, ORP, quality and purity, these significant differences become apparent. 

Safe Soda products can be collected from our clinic or ordered online.

Safe Soda

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